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Centro Cultural de Brazoria County was founded in November 1996.  Our mission is to ensure the preservation of our Mexican heritage and culture by way of learning and performing traditional Mexican dance from as many regions of Mexico, to strive to keep our children away  from drugs and gangs and to help them stay in school and maintain our American patriotism as well as learn of their rich heritage and assist them in achieving the goals as Mexican Americans.  Our first performances consisted of Jalisco dances, we are now able to bring to our community and friends some costumes and dance from Jalisco, Vera Cruz, Nuevo Leon,Sinaloa, Tamualipas, San Luis Potosi Huasteca ,Guerrero, Michoacan and La Revolucion.  We are currently getting ready to perform a very indigenous dance for Our lady of Guadalupe -Matachines, Los Concheros using Cascabeles. For our Annual 16 de septiembre 2001 we will be performing several Flamenco dances in honor of our Spanish heritage.  Our people have inherited many cultures but primarily Mexican Indian, Spanish and French. We are a very proud people with a firm belief in dignity and Christian faith.  Las Posadas is being learned by our members and at Christmas time (Navidad) we all get together and make tamales.  We all share in making the Tamales so that our children do not forget our traditional foods and celebrations.  We instill in our children the spirit of the Epiphany which is celebrated on January 6.  We will get together and give thanks to God .   We are going to publish an annual  brochure explaing the history of our group and with many of our traditions, recipes and photos.  This will enlighten and delight you.   For more information or to sponsor this brochure with your business ads please call Maria Del Socorro Anderson at 281-331-1013.

Call us to schedule a performance for your Party, Christianing, Quinceanera, Wedding, Anniversary celebration, business opening!  Don't forget Our lady of Guadalupe Day, cinco de mayo and 16 de septiembre.
call 281-331-1013 or email me:

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Performance at Baybrook Mall in Webster Spring of 1998!
Our then Juniors are our now Seniors!  Call us for a colorful and exciting extravaganza for your next Quinceneara, Wedding, Anniversary, business opening or holiday!

Call us to JOIN ! Ensure that our beautiful traditions and heritage aare handed down to our children.

Call us for your next Quinceneara, Wedding, Anniversary or any ocassion when you want the best in traditional Mexican dance.
President CCBC  Maria Del Socorro 281-331-1013
Chairperson/Dance Instructor is Ms Juana A. Lopez 979-926-8823.
Our Secretary is Karina Calvo 832-567-9331
Our Tesorera is Sandra Galindo 409-927-8466.

Ballet Folklorico de Brazoria County performed at Baybrook Mall for Cinco de Mayo in 1998.  Keep checking our website as we bring you more pictures regarding our history. Some of the Juniors then are our Seniors now!  We have been in Brazoria County since we were
established in November of 1996!